Skype for business is a tool for enterprises communication need which has been adopted globally. It is the most popular application for audio/video communication in the whole world. It is different from the traditional Skype for consumers as it has so many unique features as cross-platform support, saves travel time, saves travel cost, secure and multiple communication tools can be accessed from a single platform by employees.

Skype for business is completely different as compared to the traditional Skype for the consumer. You might find it difficult when it comes to logging in. You might need a help when you are logging in for the first time. Let’s get Skype for Business working sooner than later.

Common issues which might be stopping you from the sign in successfully.

Check your user credentials:

  1. Check the user credentials provided, it should be like Make sure you are entering the correct sign-in address which has been given by your organisation. Do not use your name, your traditional Skype user id or Microsoft account here. The format of your sign in address may be different.
  2. Sometime it may ask you to enter both a sign-in address as well as your user id so enter both in the relevant boxes. For most organisation sign in address and user id are the same.


  1. Enter the password again if you recently changed your password.
  2. On the sign in screen, click on “Delete my sign in info”
  3. If prompt press “Yes”
  4. Click on Sign in.
  5. Enter details once again and click on Sign in button.
  6. If you still get the error, try sign in with office 365. Open and use the same details, if you can’t sign in then your password is incorrect. If you are not the administrator, then send a request to the person who set up your office 365 accounts here :-
  7. If you got the administrator access then log on to

And perform the password reset for the particular user.

Computer’s Date and Time:

If the date and time are not accurate of your system then it might cause an error while signing in Skype for business. Choose the correct time zone along with date and time. Due to the time synchronization error, Skype for business doesn’t work properly or will not let you sign in successfully. Choose automatic date/time and time zone setup.

Network latency: Ask the network administrator to check the latency of the network you are on. Ensure there is no latency at all.

Ram of the system: Ensure ram installed in the system are working properly, as Skype for business needs at least 2GB of Ram. If you are using other heavier applications along with Skype for business so might be you won’t be able to sign in. Ask the support engineer to upgrade the ram or uninstall application which is not in use but still eating up the ram in the background. Although this issue is very rare as the enterprise’s systems are already upgraded with the higher ram.

If you still need help we have our Skype for Business experts’ team. They are available 24*7. You can call them, chat with them and send a service request as well. They can also provide you basic training for the Skype for Business.

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