Why do yahoo users change password even if it is not mandatory? Well, some of the yahoo users may still be unaware of the benefits of changing yahoo account password. It is not necessary to change the password every other day, but for security reasons, it is advisable to at least change it periodically. It is not a complex task to change the yahoo account password. It takes hardly a few minutes. And, if you face any difficulties or confusion while changing password, you can dial the yahoo customer care phone number and get the technical assistance from the yahoo tech support engineers.

Password change process

If you know not how the change the yahoo account password, you can see the steps below and change the password in just a few minutes:

  • Sign in to your yahoo account by entering the username and password
  • Go to ‘Yahoo account information page’, and if required; enter the username and password
  • Select ‘Account security’ and then click the link ‘Password change’
  • Enter the new password in the given space
  • Re-enter the password to confirm it
  • Click ‘Continue’. Once you do this, you will see a confirmation message that confirms the password change.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to complete the process

From now on, you will be required to enter this new password as and when you sign in to your yahoo ail account. If you face any kind of difficulties, you can dial the yahoo tech support phone number and get the technical help from the yahoo experts.

Other ways to change password

You can also use the yahoo password recovery link for changing the password. It is known as password reset or recovery process. However, the function is the same. Here also you change the password by creating the new password. If you have forgotten the present password, you can follow the password reset link and change the password. Here also, you get main options or methods to change password. You can choose to answer the security questions or choose to use the use the alternate email address or the phone number. If confused, simply dial yahoo helpline number and get help. The yahoo tech support engineers are available round the clock and you can contact them for technical support at any moment of time. Being the support professionals, they will render you all the required technical support.

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